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TSK STERiGLIDE Cannula 22G x 50mm is a newly designed cannula with a dome shaped tip for precise injection. The unique cannula helps to create less resistance, reduce patient discomfort and bruising, while creating accurate filler placement. Furthermore, the cannula is easy to inject and move around under the skin.

TSK STERiGLIDE Cannula 22G x 50mm cannulas are made of the highest quality steel with a proprietary surface treatment, which reduced the friction with the skin tissue. This help to reduce patient discomfort and improves the cannula handling. The cannula is used for dermal fillers and provides up to 50% better gliding than a traditional cannula. The cannula is ideal for treating tear trough, lips and jawline enhancement.

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The pack contains:

  • 20 x Cannulas (2 inches)


Benefits of TSK STERiGLIDE Cannula 22G x 50mm:

  • 50% better gliding
  • Excellent manageability, optimal control and precision
  • Ultra-thin wall
  • Minimizes patient discomfort
  • Ability to treat larger area with only one injection point


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